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High Country Huts and Summits 2021 – 5 Days

See High Country Huts and Summits 2021 Custom hike for full details.

Maximum group size is 6 participants

This is a 5 day hiking tour custom designed specific to client’s requests and needs. 

Our clients are happy for other participants to join them on this hike, so feel free to book if you are interested.


Your direct phone number just in case we need to contact you. Include area code and country code if booking from overseas.

In purchasing this tour you accept and are bound by the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of our website. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE TO BOOK OUR TOURS.
Ticket Price Quantity
Adults - per person (plus GST) hike only $940.00 Sold out
Adults - per person (plus GST) including meals $1,135.50 Sold out

Enter a discount code if you have one to get a discount on your overall booking price.