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Brief – Day 2

See Day 1 and Day 3 for more details.  Return to Two Peaks details.

Day 2 – 8km (moderate – challenging)
Time on track – approximately 6 hours 30 minutes including stops and breaks (not including the Nature Walk and summit at Mt Buller) 

After breakfast on the morning of day 2 we will pack up camp and head off at 8:00am. The day will start with a downhill hike along a 4WD track. Walking downhill on a hard uneven surface with a loaded pack can take its toll on your body, especially knees, hips, ankles and feet. It’s important not to rush. Take your time and enjoy your surroundings while at the same time listening for any approaching cars and motorbikes. This is not a busy track, but please keep to the side of the track where possible and keep your ears tuned for any engine noise.                                                                                                                                                                                      At the bottom of this track is Howqua Gap Hut. We will have a short break here before tackling the next section. 

Howqua Gap Hut was moved around Mt Stirling for loggers to shelter in. Nowadays there are two huts at Howqua Gap. The beautiful original hut and a more comfortable new hut that provides good shelter in inclement weather.

Straight out of Howqua Gap we will head up and over Corn Hill along a nice walking track that has some short steep uphill sections, but otherwise is not overly challenging. There are no views from this track, but the forest is very pretty here and there is always the opportunity to spot wildlife.                                                        We will stop for lunch on the other side of Corn Hill. 

After filling our bellies with goodies, we will embark on the final climb, which will take us to the village square of Mt Buller resort. From there it’s only a short walk to our accommodation. There will be no pitching a tent tonight. A comfortable lodge with a bed, flushing toilet and a shower will be waiting for us.

After checking in at the lodge, if time permits, we will take a stroll along the Nature Walk and up to the summit of Mt Buller, which sits at 1805m above sea level. The walk offers amazing mountain views. Reaching the summit is definitely the highlight of the day with 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains and across the valley towards Mansfield.

When we return from the summit it will be time for dinner and relaxation and an opportunity to share your day’s experience with your fellow hikers.

Elevation at highest point: approx. 1730m ASL (1805m ASL if Mt Buller’s summit is reached)
Total ascent: approx. 420m
Total descent: approx. 460m

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