Brief – Day 4

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Day 4 – approximately 19.5km
Time on track – approximately 9 hours 30 minutes including breaks

You know the drill, breakfast, pack up camp and head off to explore more of our beautiful High Country. 

Today is a big day. Not big as in challenging tracks or rock scrambling or hiking narrow ridge lines, but a long day with a long climb to our campsite at Craig’s Hut.
However, there are highlights that will make this day very exciting. Number one, by now your backpack will be much lighter, because you would have eaten most of your food. Number two, your day will start with a downhill hike, in fact the entire morning is downhill. Number three, a fun river crossing. Nothing like on day 3. This is a bigger river, the King River. Number four, the day’s final destination is the second most visited tourist destination in Victoria, the gem of the Victorian High Country, the iconic Craig’s Hut. 

The plan for today is to have lunch at King Hut, which is the end of today’s downhill. A beautiful location on the King River. Here, we will collect sufficient water to get us through the day.

From here it’s up, all the way to Craig’s Hut. 

Craig’s Hut was built especially for the film The Man from Snowy River in 1981 and named after the lead actor, Jim Craig, played by Tom Burlinson. The hut standing today is the 4th version. Version 3 burnt down by wild fire on 11 December 2006 and the hut was again rebuilt in 2007. The original hut was a set only and had no floor. It has been replaced with a more robust version as it became popular with visitors. Craig’s Hut is one of Victoria’s most iconic places to visit and it is here where you will be able to look at the chain of mountains you crossed over the last four days, from Mt Howitt, over The Crosscut Saw, across Mt Buggary to Mt Speculation and on to Mt Cobbler. It’s an amazing view and an incredible feeling to look back over the area you have placed your feet one by one to get to this point.

Elevation at highest point: approx. 1478m ASL
Total ascent: approx. 860m
Total descent: approx. 775m

Gradient Graph