Brief – Day 3

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Day 3 – approximately 16.3km
Time on track – approximately 7 hours 30 minutes including breaks (not including the hike to Mt Cobbler summit) 

If the weather is on your side, you don’t want to miss the sunrise. Get up early, you won’t regret it.
Enjoy your breakfast while watching the sun come up on the horizon. Pack up camp and head off, destination Mt Cobbler.
Today is quite different from the last two days.
A gently undulating 4WD track will lead you to your next lunch spot by the beautiful Lake Cobbler.
The rustic Lake Cobbler Hut, sits on the bank of the lake and  provides a nice shelter in bad weather. The present hut was built in 1986 by the Wangaratta 4WD Club, but the original hut was built in the early 1900s as part of the Lovick grazing licence. This hut was replaced by another built by Sam Christopher and Frank Gorman who had the Cobbler grazing licence from 1929 to the 1940s.

Picking up a narrow walking track, you will need to cross a creek and a small river before heading uphill to your next campsite, which is located a short distance from the summit. If time and weather permit, you will have the opportunity to hike up to the summit to soak up more breathtaking views.

Elevation at highest point: approx. 1690m ASL (1628m ASL if Mt Cobbler’s summit is reached)
Total ascent: approx. 440m
Total descent: approx. 710m

Gradient Graph