Brief – Day 1 

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Day 1 – 5.3km (moderate)                                                                                                                                                    Time on track – approximately 3 hours including stops and breaks (not including hike to the summit)

Meet your guide at Telephone Box Junction (TBJ) at Mt Stirling at 10:00am.

To get to TBJ, travel along Mt Buller Road in the direction of Mt Buller. Pass through the Mt Buller/Stirling Resort Entry Gate and immediately turn left on to Mt Stirling Road. Travel approximately 10 minutes to TBJ. Mt Stirling Road is an unsealed road, but suitable for 2 wheel drive vehicles. Care should be taken on mountain roads at all times. There is a plenty of free parking at TBJ.

Upon arrival at TBJ, you will meet your guide, who will help you sort out all the equipment, clothing, water and food that you will need for your hike.

We understand that you might not have proper hiking equipment and clothing that is lightweight and small to pack, but don’t worry, this is a fully supported hike, so even though you will have the full experience of carrying an overnight backpack, any bulky items will be dropped off at your campsite by our base camp manager.                      It is recommended to bring couple of duffle bags or backpacks to pack your access items into. It will  help our base camp manager to transport your belongings.

Your guide will run you through a briefing session, which will take approximately 20 minutes.

Now let’s start your hiking adventure. You will depart from TBJ at approximately 11:00am making your way up to Bluff Spur Memorial Hut along a nice wide trail that gently winds its way up the mountain. Hiking is all about enjoying the nature and what’s around you, so we will not be rushing up the hill. I want you to stop for photos, smell the wildflowers, take deep breaths of the fresh high country air and exhale the experience. We will even find a nice little spot to sit and enjoy lunch. About 3 hours later, we will arrive at our campsite located amongst beautiful Snow Gums, next to the Bluff Spur Memorial Hut. This is where the views start opening up and from your campsite you will see The Bluff and Mt MacDonald. After setting up camp, you will be free to explore the hut and its surroundings.

The Bluff Spur Memorial Hut is located near the summit of Mt Stirling. It’s a cosy little hut with a wood stove, which is very inviting on cold rainy or snowy days, and acts as a shelter for hikers in summer and skiers in winter. It was erected as a memorial to a couple of skiers who died on Mt Stirling of exposure.

Once you’ve rested and refuelled with some snacks, we will discuss what trails around the summit we will explore and plan our summit sunset adventure. Mt Stirling’s summit offers stunning 360 degree views and watching the sun slowly disappear behind Mt Buller is quite breathtaking.

Elevation at highest point: approx. 1650m ASL (not including reaching the summit, which is at 1749)                Total ascent: approx. 396m (approx.. 471 with summit walk)                                                                                      Total descent: approx. 13m (approx. 123 with summit walk)

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