High Country Huts and Summits – 5 Days                      

The day prior to the start of the tour – briefing session at 6:00pm at Merrijig Motor Inn.
Day 1 
We will pick you up from the Merrijig Motor Inn at 7:00am. Our Base Camp Manager will drop us off at the start of the hiking trail.                                                                                                                                                                Today will consist of approximately 16km of easy/moderate/challenging hiking, but we will break this day into two parts. We will carry daypacks only for the first 12km and overnight packs for the last 4km. The first 3km off the 4 are the toughest, but your body will already be warmed up and the final destination will be in sight. We will take our time, stopping regularly to enjoy our surroundings and take photos. 
This day will start along a river with 12 log bridges to cross, a very pretty area to start the day in. The afternoon is higher up on the mountain where the Alpine Ash give way to the Snow Gums. It’s an absolutely stunning part of the mountain that I’m sure you will fall in love with. It’s a track less travelled. 
Our final destination for the day will be by one of Mt Stirling’s beautiful huts, where we will set up camp. The hut will provide us shelter and warmth in case of bad weather. 
If time, weather and your energy levels permit, we can head up to Mt Stirling summit for sunset. 
Day 2 
If you are keen, we can head up to Mt Stirling summit for sunrise. 
Today we will cover about 9km (not including summit at sunrise) starting with downhill and then slowly heading up to another beautiful Mt Stirling hut. Today will be easy to moderate, perfect for getting used to the overnight backpack. 
We’ll spend the whole day amongst Snow Gums and Alpine Ash in the forests of Mt Stirling. 
Our overnight camp will be alongside a hut, which will once again provide us with warmth and shelter should we encounter bad weather. 
Day 3 
On this day, we will head to the most iconic hut of the Victorian High Country, Craig’s Hut. The distance will be approximately 7.5km of moderate to challenging hiking with some stunning views, if Mother Nature is on our side. We will hike through areas with some of the most beautiful Snow Gums around Mt Stirling, popping up above the tree line for a bit. 
Our overnight camp will be at Craig’s Hut, so you will have plenty of time to explore this icon. 
Day 4 
Another day with approximately 7.5km off moderate to challenging hiking. 
On this day we will hike from Craig’s Hut back to the hut where we spent out first night either over the summit of Mt Stirling or via an alternative trail, depending on weather and your energy levels. 
Camping once again by this hut will give us the opportunity to enjoy sunset and/or sunrise from the summit of Mt Stirling, weather permitting, should we have missed out on days 1 & 2 or should you wish to do it again. Once again, we will enjoy the cosiness and warmth of this hut if need be. 
Day 5 
Our last day will see us achieving two summits, Corn Hill and Mt Buller. The total distance on this day is approximately 15km, moderate to challenging. First we will head downhill until we reach another high country hut. This is where we will be met by our Base Camp Manager. We will say goodbye to our overnight backpacks and hello to our day packs. From here, we will continue over Corn Hill to the summit of Mt Buller. 
This is where our hiking adventure will end. 
From here we will be transported back to the Merrijig Motor Inn to say our goodbyes.                                              We should reach Merrijig Motor Inn around 5:00pm. 
* See and explore five high country huts along the way, with one iconic hut from the movie “The Man From Snowy River”. 
* Observe the dramatic change in flora as you gain and drop in elevation. 
* Enjoy breathtaking views (weather dependent).
* If Mother Nature is on our side, you will get to experience some of the most amazing sunsets and sunrises you’ve ever seen. 
* On a clear night, you will get to see the milky way and millions of stars. 
Tour includes
* Five days of guided hiking with an experienced guide
* Transfers between Merrijig and the track’s start and finish                                                                                               * All equipment – tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, walking poles, gaiters, overnight backpack, cooking stove including fuel, pots, bowls, cups and utensils, head torch, sleeping bag liner (not including personal items, clothing and drinks – refer to Essential Info/Equipment list for “Off The Beaten Track” hikes for further information)
* Four nights accommodation in a two man tent (twin share)
* Food (4 x breakfasts, 4 x dinners, 4 x after dinner desserts, 5 x lunches, 10 x snacks) – only if hike with meals option is selected 
Tour does not include
* Accommodation prior to and post tour dates
* Drinks and food other than the food specified in the tour inclusions above, if selected. You might wish to bring some fresh food such as fruit and vegetables, just keep the weight in mind. Items such as coffee, tea, milk (powdered, please don’t bring fresh milk), hot chocolate, are not included. Refer to Essential Info/Food for some ideas
* Transport to and from Merrijig other than transfers between the track’s start and finishing points
* Personal items and clothing, refer to Essential Info/Equipment                                                                               
* Travel/medical insurance, ambulance cover
Water                                                                                                                                                                                      Bluff Spur Memorial Hut, King Spur Hut, Craig’s Hut and Howqua Gap Hut all have a rain water tank, but it cannot be relied upon. All tank water must be treated before drinking.
You will need to bring sufficient amount of water for the first two days.
We will collect water for days 3, 4 and 5 from creeks along the way.
All water collected on the track, whether from river, creek, puddle, lake, water tank, tap or other sources, must be purified. The best way to do this, is to bring your water to a rolling boil for at least 1 minute.                                Your guide will carry a water filtration system.
Once you submit your food selection form, I will let you know how much water you will need for the first two days and how much water you will need to collect and treat for days 3, 4 and 5. 
Toilets are available at the following locations.
* At the start of the hike at Mirimbah Picnic Area
* Pit toilet at Bluff Spur Memorial Hut
* Pit toilet at King Spur Hut                                                                                                                                                          * Pit toilet at GGS Hut
* Pit toilet at Craig’s Hut
* Pit toilet at Howqua Gap Hut
* Toilets at Mt Buller
This hiking experience will give you a sense of pride and achievement, and you will take away everlasting memories.