Check the details/itinerary of the hiking tour you selected for time and location of the briefing session.

Briefing sessions for some of our multi day hikes are conducted the evening prior to the start of the tour, so you will need to be in the area the day before.

It’s very important that you attend the briefing session as this is where we discuss any possible hazards, emergency strategies and evacuation. We talk about the tour, its itinerary and what to expect. You get to meet your guide and your fellow hikers. Very importantly, we distribute all the equipment, show you the ins and outs of your backpack, explain how best to pack it, help you adjust the harness and answer any questions you might have. Having the equipment the night before the tour gives you an opportunity to pack everything you will be taking on the hiking tour, have a good nights’ rest and be ready for your hike the next morning.

There will be no time on the morning of the tour to do any of the above.