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This event finished on 11 May 2019

Craig’s Hut – 2 Days

See Craig’s Hut – 2 Day Tour for full details.

The track to Craig’s Hut starts with a steady ascent of Mt Stirling and continues up and down short steep sections all the way to Craig’s Hut. The second day is retracing your steps back to Mt Stirling and then it’s a steady descent all the way back to Telephone Box Junction.                                                                                    This track is not difficult, but some sections will definitely get your heartrate up. You need to be reasonably fit to enjoy this hike carrying an overnight backpack.                                                                                                    However, walking around Mt Stirling is wonderful, it’s a very beautiful mountain and the experience of arriving at Craig’s Hut under your own steam with your accommodation in the backpack you’re carrying is something really special.

For more information on fitness and how to best prepare for one of our hikes check out our                    Essential Info/Fitness section.